Many athletes have some incredible stories when it comes to accomplishing their dreams and becoming a professional. Some of those stories are very inspiring because the athletes possibly had to go through some very tough life experiences to get to where they are now.

According to 6abc, a young athlete from Levittown, Sam Cooper, had a tough life experience when he lost his brother to cancer. We learned that before Sam Cooper's brother lost his battle to cancer, Cooper's brother asked him to continue to play sports because he was not going to be able to. Now, Cooper's goal is to become a professional athlete.

It was stated on 6abc that Cooper told his mother, "Listen, we're not gonna starve, we're not gonna struggle, we're gonna be on top."

We learned that Cooper is so motivated to make it to the National Football League and fulfill the promise he had made to his brother at the age of 9. 6abc shared that Sam Cooper is now hoping to get drafted in a late-round NFL Draft pick.

This shows that even if you are going through tough times you should continue to strive for your dreams. Dreams come true with hard work.

At times, we can feel that we have it so tough until we hear other's stories.

Some very motivating words that Sam Cooper shared with 6abc were, "In my head it's already done. I just gotta do the work and I've been working my whole life." You must visualize your goals while you are working hard for them.

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