Have you ever complained at a Philadelphia Flyers game because is the music is not the genre that you like?

Your time to pick your favorite song when the Philadelphia Flyers score a goal is now.

According to the Philadelphia Flyers’ website, fans have some work to do right now and that is to pick out a new song for the team to celebrate too after scoring a goal.
We learned that this is something that has never been done by the Philadelphia Flyers ever and the franchise is excited to allow "fans to help select the team’s new goal song by submitting their nominations."

Right now fans can submit what they think should be the goal celebration song on the Philadelphia Flyers website. Before the start of the 2021-2022 National Hockey League season, the franchise will let fans vote on the final list of songs that were submitted.

The Philadelphia Flyers website stated that the winning goal celebration song will be revealed on opening night.

On the Philadelphia Flyers submission website you can enter your name, email, song name & title, and attach a youtube link of the song you want to hear every time the team scores a goal.

The submission website also has a comment section. There, you can explain why that particular song is the perfect fit to be the goal celebration song.

According to Philly Voice, some Philadelphia Flyers fans are actually requesting songs that have previously been used as the goal celebration songs. Should fans go old school or start fresh with a new song since the team will "have a new-look roster"?

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