The holiday season is just trucking along and if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for any of the Flyer’s fans in your life, this is the one.

My family is all about Philadelphia sports, so I was thinking about getting this for some of my family members and figured it could save a ton of other people some frustration while shopping around for the perfect gift.


Of course, you could go online or make the trip to Rally House and get anything there for those Philadelphia sports fans in your life. If you want to scratch that and get an unforgettable gift you have to check out these Santa Sacks that the Flyers are selling online.

It has a bunch of things included in the gift that you probably can’t get anywhere else, so if you have a die-hard Flyers fan at home this is for sure perfect for them.


With the purchase of one of these Flyers Santa Sacks, you’ll get yourself two tickets to a Flyers game in the upper level, a Flyers autographed puck, a 2022 collectible Gritty ornament, an ice scraper that looks like Gritty’s paw and also two lower level tickets to Wings Lacrosse.

This package is called the Upper-Level package and it will cost you about $169. There’s also an upgraded package that will get you all of the same amenities for $279, except your Flyers tickets will be upgraded to lower-level seats. There are more exclusive packages where you can upgrade your seats even more available on their site.

These packages make it nice and easy to please that hockey fan in your life, so if you want more details on how to purchase,  go check it out online here.

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