Personally, I think every city in the world stinks when it comes to dating but it has been said that some areas are worst than others. Wallet Hub recently put together a survey that shows 2020's Best and Worst Cities for Single People and it shows that Philadelphia is not the greatest for people looking to date.

According to Wallet Hub Philadelphia landed on the 172nd spot out of 182 cities that were part of the survey. With that being said, the City of Brotherly Love is not the best for relationship love.
We learned from the survey that Wallet Hub put together multiple categories that the cities were rated on and those are 'Economics', 'Fun & Recreation' and ' Dating Opportunities.' When it comes to the "Dating Opportunities" in the city of Philadelphia, those are not the greatest. It was stated on Wallet Hub's website that Philadelphia landed in the 173rd spot for the 'Dating Opportunities' category. That is all bad.
Why is it so tough to date in the City of Brotherly Love?
The interesting part about the single people here is that we always hear that they can't find that perfect person, but why is that? Wallet Hub mentioned that close to 50% of the population in the United States of America is not married. So, is everyone just trying to live the wild single life and afraid of commitment? I would like to say yes that sounds about right.

Not to mention this year with the pandemic who would even want to date? Hopefully Cupid hits the city of Philadelphia a little more for 2021.

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