I feel like I have been seeing this constantly, and honestly, it scares me half to death when it happens. It doesn't matter if I'm driving down the road in South Philly or if I'm walking down the sidewalk in Center City.

I'm talking about how rolling stops have become all too common in Philadelphia. You know what I mean, right? It's when a driver seemingly doesn't want to stop at the intersection.

Stop sign
(Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

This is happening a TON in South Philly. I don't get to walk through too many neighborhoods at other times, so is it happening elsewhere in the city, right? I recently asked a friend who said he, too, has noticed this throughout the city since the pandemic began.

Why is everyone in such a hurry? Isn't it much easier to stop if you start to slow down before an intersection vs. essentially slamming on your breaks?


Whether I am walking down 17th or through a crosswalk on Federal, it seems like as a car approaches me that they're about to PLOW through that intersection. Which, it's terrifying when you're already in the middle of the intersection too, by the way.

So I have a message for those drivers who feel the need to keep up at a full speed as they approach an intersection:

Please Stop Rolling Up to Stop Signs in Philadelphia

car signal switch

There's no reason why you can't slowly ease on the breaks. You never know who or what will be waiting at the intersection of the corner. You could slam into another car or as I've mentioned above, it's terrifying if you're a pedestrian.

Plus, it's better for the driver. Isn't it better on your car and its brake system if you ease onto the breaks VS unnecessarily slamming on them?

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