Before the pandemic many businesses probably did not have any problem with sticking to their original, successful business plans. They really didn't need any type of backup plans. That hasn't been the case since the whole coronavirus pandemic started. Businesses have had to change their game-plans hundreds of times.

The Philadelphia Zoo is one that probably has come up with many ideas but every time they have a plan it has had to be changed because of the coronavirus. One of the latest changes for the Philadelphia Zoo is their weekly schedule.  According to, the Philadelphia Zoo has decided to have the zoo open only on the weekends for the Fall season. The Philadelphia Zoo’s President & CEO, Vikram H. Dewan, told DelcoTimes that these changes come after realizing that it would be more helpful for families to only be able to come on weekends as "this allows people to schedule their visits around upcoming work and school schedules.” also reported that the Philadelphia Zoo’s President & CEO has made it clear that for the time being the zoo will not be welcoming school groups on weekdays due to the global pandemic.

It'll probably be busier just having the zoo open Friday through Sunday. Especially considering that back in July when the Philadelphia Zoo reopened it was only allowing 1/3 of the normal amount of guests.

The cool part about this is that the Philadelphia Zoo will still have an online presence where you will be able to entertain your children from home. Sources from the Philadelphia Zoo told that the zoo is looking to have a PhillyZoo@2 reboot as well as other things that will bring zoo entertainment to your homes.

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