No doubt, after three long nights putting on The Eras Tour in Philadelphia, Taylor Swift and her crew were famished. Unsurprisingly, they ordered a TON of pizza.

So, which pizza place got the call?

Taylor's team went with a fairly new pizza and cheesesteak shop in South Philly, reportedly in business for just two years so far.

Swift surprised her crew with 70 pizzas from a place called Avenue Steaks & Pizza, located on S. Juniper Street.

You can see The Eras Tour masters are BIG fans of pepperoni pie, though we spot some plain pies in the back, too.

Swifters 2.0/Facebook; Avenue Steaks Pizza
Swifters 2.0/Facebook; Avenue Steaks Pizza

I don't know why 70 pizzas doesn't sound nearly enough for the number of staffers it takes to put on the spectacle that is The Eras Tour.

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But, hey, at least one of the Avenue Steaks & Pizza guys that got to delivery the pizzas to the Linc on Sunday, which is a pretty cool gig, since he's wearing a Sixers jersey. We all know how THEIR Sunday went. Oooo, too soon?

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