Can you smell those PJ's pancakes cooking in Robbinsville?  You've been waiting, and now its newest location, PJ's Pancake House and Tavern, is open. As of Tuesday morning (Tuesday, May 28th), they're open at 19 Main Street in Robbinsville.

I can't wait to visit. They're not just breakfast anymore, according to their website (their mugs say it too, of course). Although, they still have some of the best pancakes in the area.

They have a new tavern menu for lunch and dinner, including burgers, sliders, tacos, mac & cheese, fish & chips, chicken & waffles, pasta, salads, sandwiches, and more, plus, your favorite spirits (they have a liquor license).

One of the biggest downfalls has been the time spent waiting in line to enjoy their food. Well, this location is huge (their biggest one so far), which hopefully means less of a wait to enjoy their food.

There's outdoor seating too. It's beautiful. I've been following their progress for a few months now:


Make sure to bring your friends They're also going to have entertainment at night, I just saw on their Facebook page that it will kick off on Friday, June 7th with Trenton legends, Frank Pinto & Rich Ziegler from 8pm - 11pm.

Give their facebook page a like and follow along for an entertainment schedule and more.

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