A plastic bag ban will be coming to the city of brotherly love next month, Fox 29 reports.

The City Council has passed the ban back in 2019, but there have been numerous delays due to the pandemic. However, the plastic bag ban is back on and will begin to take effect on July 1st, Fox 29 reports. 

Once July 1st hits, there will be 9 months that will serve as a "warning period" for residents and officially there will be a plastic bag ban on April 1st, 2022.

Businesses in Philadelphia will start getting rid of their plastic bags during this nine month warning period, the TV station reported on Wednesday. 

There are a few stores that I shop at, like Aldi, that don't use plastic bags at all. When you go into their stores, you must bring your own bags or you can use their cardboard boxes they have on the side of the registers. They ring up your groceries and put them in a cart and once you're done, you can bag your groceries yourself.

Another store, Trader Joe's. uses paper bags or you can bring your own bags. The paper bags they give out, I have used again and again. They are sturdy and they hold a lot. They ring up your groceries and bag them too. They are another store that also has the environment in mind in so many ways.

I always make sure I have reusable bags in my car when I go shopping. I have to say, if a plastic bag ban is put into place, then people will turn to reusable cloth bags and it will help the huge plastic waste problem we have in this country.

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