I was surprised to hear the news that a popular hair salon in the Princeton area has closed its doors for good.

After hearing some rumors, I did a quick search and found out that yes indeed Cherry Blow Dry Bar Princeton is listed as Permanently Closed.

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The salon was located in the Nassau Park shopping area, off of Route 1 and Quakerbridge Road, technically in West Windsor township, on the corner near Butterfly Nails, Party City, and the new Crumbl Cookies.

You could get your hair cut and blown out there as well as other add-on services like a scalp mass, braids, conditioning treatments, extensions, and more.

Memberships were also offered. There were month-to-month and yearly packages available. All of those are still available at the other nearby locations.

If you're a fan of Cherry Blow Dry Bar, don't worry, there are other locations not too far away in Marlton, Cherry Hill, Deptford, Glassboro and Wall Township.

No word on what will be talking over that space.

The Nassau Park Shopping Center seems to be having a problem keeping some of the stores filled, but, are also building additional spaces.

The old Walmart spot has been vacant for some time now. I had gotten word it was supposed to become an Ocean State Job Lot, but there's been no progress at all. It was supposed to open in late 2021. That didn't happen.


I did notice when I went to HomeGoods the other day that there's new fencing up in the parking lot, so maybe some work will start soon. Although, that fencing may have been up for while and I just didn't notice it.

When I find out any other information, I'll let you know.

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