We’re going to settle the biggest debate in New Jersey history right now. People have been arguing over this for years and the question still stands. Is it Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?

This debate has been going on for years in the state of New Jersey and it only gets worse by the day. Friendships, families, and relationships have all been torn apart over this extremely heated debate and we’re finally getting to the bottom of it right here, right now.

Is It Called Pork Roll or Taylor Ham?


The decades-long debate of Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham started so long ago that it has sparked so much anger and emotion from everyone in New Jersey.

Although everyone is entitled to their opinions, I’m just going to state the facts of this argument. To generalize the debate, most people who are from North Jersey believe that it is called Taylor Ham. Most people who live in South Jersey believe it is called Pork Roll.

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When you get into the Central Jersey area (yes, it exists), It can be pretty split on which side people take, but I’d say the majority of Central Jersey is on the Pork Roll side as well.
We could go back and forth forever and ever taking polls and marking tallies down for how many people are on which side of this argument, but the facts are truly how this debate will be settled.

What Is The History Behind Pork Roll/Taylor Ham?



According to multiple sources including Asbury Park Press, A man named John Taylor from Trenton invited Pork Roll back in 1856. Although the original name for the meat was Taylor Ham, named after himself, food labeling regulations required the name to be changed since the meat itself was technically not ham.

It was known as Pork Roll after that, but people still refer to it as Taylor Ham. So, if we’re being technical, the answer is both sides of this debate are right.

The meat was sold as “Taylor’s Prepared Ham” according to Wikipedia and was then changed to Pork Roll, so it has gone by both titles. This debate needs to stop making so many people so angry because technically, you’re all right.

Does that settle it?

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