If you were told that New Jersey can possibly run out of Pork Roll (Taylor Ham) would you panic? Definitely, something that would break your heart if you love pork roll.

NJ.com has reported that the Garden State is running extremely low on pork roll. It’s no help that pork-producing plants have been forced to shut down because of the coronavirus. We learned from NJ.com most of the pork products come from 3 different plants that cover 15% of the U.S pork production.

Restaurant owners told NJ.com that they've gone to foodservice suppliers and walked into empty shelves. They can't find any pork roll anywhere. Other business owners that sell pork roll told NJ.com that in the future getting pork "is going to be tight." For people that love pork roll and bacon, this sounds like a nightmare.

Many business owners that sell pork roll find themselves trying to figure out if they will have to shut down their business in the near future because of the shortage.

According to NJ.com, pork roll has become such a hot item that some people have decided to sell two six-pound rolls of Trenton Pork Roll for $129.99, plus $25.24 for shipping.

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