'Crocs' have found their way into multiple headlines recently, but this time it is for a cause that everyone can get behind. The shoe brand has teamed up with 'Post Malone' to donate a pair of 'Crocs' to thousands of healthcare workers across the country.

Check out the announcement from @musiciansoncall on Twitter below

Reports from @WAFB say that 10,000 pairs of 'Crocs' will be going out to 70 hospitals in the United States. Check out their story on Twitter below

The new collaboration between 'Post Malone' and 'Crocs' seems to be going really well so far. What an awesome way to support healthcare workers around the country, as 'Post Malone' continues to give back when he can.

I was a little surprised today to see how well 'Crocs' has been doing, surpassing $1 Billion in sales for 2020. Apparently the market for the comfortable, slip-on shoes continues to grow as the company adds on partnerships with worldwide recognizable people like 'Post Malone'.

Major shoutout to 'Post Malone' and 'Crocs' for giving back to those healthcare workers that have put in so much hard work over the past year. Happy Valentines Day to them!

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