Maybe we're all a little biased, but I wouldn't trade living in New Jersey for anything! No matter where you live in Jersey, you have it made. You're not far from 2 major cities, the beach, or the Poconos. It is the perfect scenario.

With that being said, a lot of people seem to agree with that outlook as well.

Niche has made an official list of the best places to live in America and one Mercer County town has made its way onto the list.

Usually, when you're viewing these lists, you see a lot of California towns or places that are your stereotypical "vacation destinations", but this Mercer County town has made its way not only onto the list but within the top 15.

Mercer County Town Makes Best Places to Live in America List

google maps
google maps

If you're scrolling through this list to see if your hometown has made this official Best Places to Live in America list by Niche, you may see a familiar town. Coming in at #14 is Princeton Junction! The overall grade Princeton Junction was given was an A+ which is based on public schools, housing, how good it is for families, nightlife, and diversity.

Princeton Junction has a population of only 2,208 makings and it lies right alongside Princeton and Plainsboro. If you're looking for an amazing town to live in right in the Mercer County area, apparently one of the best towns in the county is right in Princeton Junction! Did your hometown make this list?

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