This is the best idea, Princeton Online. I can't wait to warm up this winter by strolling through Princeton on the Hot Cocoa Crawl.

Grab your family or friends and head to downtown Princeton. Make sure to check out all of the beautiful holiday lights, the Palmer Square Christmas tree, and amazing window displays in the best shops in the area. While you're there, warm up with some of the best hot cocoa in town. It's a fantastic and fun way to support local businesses too.

Here's a list of some suggested places to visit:

1. The Bent Spoon in Palmer Square. "Try their classic and vegan hot chocolate — that they offer in either heirloom habanero or organic peppermint, along with original. Also, vegan vanilla whipped topping is available most days for vegan friends!  Be sure to top it off with a marshie." I can't wait to find out what that is.

2. Small World Coffee with two locations on Witherspoon Street and Nassau Street. "For $.50 add flavor add-ins like Caramel, Hazelnut, Pumpkin Spice, Sugar-Free Vanilla or Vanilla. They also have Mexican Hot Chocolate available. You can currently order for a contact-less pick up on their website."

3. Halo Pub on Hulfish Street. "Try their 'hot chocolate float' that gets rave reviews from visitors, which is a house-blend hot chocolate mix with Halo ice cream on top. Pick any flavor of ice cream you wish — but a staff member says coffee ice cream in their float is their favorite."

4. Sakrid Coffee on Nassau Street. "Choose whole, almond, oat or skim milk in 12 or 16oz. to warm you up."

5. Witherspoon Grill on Hulfish Street. "The restaurant offers some “grown up” spins of the classic hot cocoa, like “The Witherspoon” that has Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Coffee, as well as “The Swiss Coffee” with Amaretto, Dark Creme de Cocoa and Coffee."

I'm up for this challenge, how about you? See you in Princeton.

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