I did a diet about 5 years ago and lost 25 pounds and I loved the way my body looked. After I lost the weight, I wanted to keep it off and that meant changing my lifestyle and the things I used to eat and drink. I was working out like crazy to keep the weight off as well, so I didn't want to go home and have a huge margarita with so many calories and basically throw away my entire workout. I did some research and that's when I discovered the hard seltzers. Yes, they've been around for years, but just started become extremely popular the last few. They are low in everything, calories, sugar, carbs, all of it. I used to like extremely sweet drinks, so I was happy these had flavors. Now, hard seltzers are so popular, tons of alcohol brands have their own, you see them all over social media, and even restaurants have them. They are extremely trendy and now one of the hard seltzer brands has come up with a flavor that is equally as trendy.

Once autumn comes, it's all about the pumpkin spice. I mean, it actually starts in the summer with coffee shops Dunkin' and Starbucks releasing their pumpkin flavored drinks late August. Delish reports that Vive Seltzer is releasing a pumpkin spice hard seltzer. Right now, it seems they will only be released down in southern states, but come on, they have to bring them up north, right? I think they are going to be crazy popular. I may even try one and I'm not even into the whole pumpkin spice crazy.

Check out some more details in this article from Delish and keep an eye out for these extremely trendy drinks possibly hitting store shelves soon in New Jersey.

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