The ramp and overpass leading to Quaker Bridge Mall from Route 1 South will be closed for about the next month, according to Planet Princeton.

This is the ramp near Shake Shack, where a ton of road work has been taking place recently. If you haven't heard been on that stretch of road lately, it's a mess. They've been working on widening the road for the past two years...two, long years. It's so dangerous with cars and trucks still speeding through the area with works crews present, the road is terribly uneven, and the traffic patterns are constantly changing. Will it ever end? I hope so...sooner rather than later. It's supposed to wrap up in the fall. We'll see.

Princeton Planet said the road project is costing $15.8 million. Route 1 is being widened between the Nassau Park Boulevard shopping area (Wegmans and Walmart) and the entrance ramp to I-295 North, by the old Joe's Crab Shack. Two more lanes are being added. Another through lane and an auxiliary lane to get into the businesses along Route 1 easier.

This ramp closure comes at a bad time when the mall is due to fully reopen this Monday (June 29th), after being closed since mid-March. I get the feeling some people are anxious to go shopping again, judging by the crowrds at the area strip malls, which have already reopened around the area.

If you're heading to Quaker Bridge Mall, look for the posted detour to get there. The article says, "Motorists traveling on Route 1 southbound wishing to take the overpass to the Quaker Bridge Mall will be directed to continue on Route 1 southbound. Keep right and take the jughandle to Franklin Corner Road/Bakers Basin Road just past Michael’s Diner. Turn left onto Franklin Corner Road. Turn left onto Route 1 northbound. Take the ramp to the Quaker Bridge Mall."

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