Heads up if you're headed to an upcoming concert or event at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

The union representing Aramark's food service and retail workers inside the arena just voted to authorize a strike (if necessary).

This could have effects on events inside the arena as early as this week. So yes, this includes Friday night's Nicki Minaj concert, an AJR concert, some of next weekend's WWE festivities, and several 76ers and Flyers home games.

Unite Here Philly Local 274 Authorizes Wells Fargo Center Strike

Workers in the arena say they're standing up for wages that keep pace with inflation. They're calling for benefits and wages to be the same as those offered to employees at Lincoln Financial Field next door.

wells Fargo Center and the Lincoln Financial Field
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Over the weekend, the union's members voted to authorize a strike by an overwhelming majority. In fact, 92% of votes were in favor of that strike, the union said on Monday.

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"We're going to make it fair that when you do the same job for the same company in buildings right across the street from each other you can make the same wages," Kathy Hazel — a suite attendant in the Wells Fargo Center – said a video released by the union.

The strike could begin should negotiations with Aramark fall through at any point.

Aramark Says They're Negotiating with Workers

For their part, Aramark says they working with the union to reach an agreement.

"We have had several meetings with the bargaining committee in an effort to reach a new agreement, and we intend to keep working toward a settlement that works for everyone," an Aramark spokesperson told 94.5 PST and Townsquare Media in a statement on Tuesday afternoon.

It was not immediately clear how close to an agreement the two sides were as of Tuesday (March 26).

Contingency Plans are in Place for Retail and Food Services at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly

The arena is scheduled to host a total of 11 events over the next two weeks. It does raise the question: what will happen inside the arena should negotiations stall and the workers walk off the job?

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The events include Friday's Nicki Minaj concert, next week's AJR concerts & several WWE events as part of the big weekend (plus the 76ers and Flyers home games).

Will food, beverage and retail services still be available inside the Wells Fargo Center at those massive events?

In the event of a strike, Aramark's spokesperson assured us that they have contingency plans in place to ensure that services are not interrupted.

The exact nature of those plans, however, was also not immediately clear.

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