Bun B is the latest member of the hip-hop community to stand in solidarity with fellow Houston native Megan The Stallion, calling Tory's actions some "ho ass shit."

"I tried to be impartial and cool about this and not get in...man, fuck that, man," Bun begins in an Instagram video on Sunday (Aug. 23). "Fuck Tory Lanez, OK? I don't care if this go viral or none of that shit. I'm from Houston and if somebody would've done something to Megan in this city, we would've rode. Megan in L.A. by herself. It's just her and T Farris. She ain't got her mama no more, her mama is gone. Her daddy is gone. Her grandmother is gone. All the people that loved her and cared about her unconditionally that looked out for her and would've protected her ain't there. So, as an OG in Houston, I'm standing up. Tory Lanez did some ho-ass shit, period."

The veteran Texas rapper goes on to say that if Tory needs professional help such as rehab or therapy, those around him should encourage him to seek help.

"He had no reason to shoot this girl," Bun B continues. "She wanna get out the car, get out the car. You get into it with your gal, she mad, 'Let me out.' Pull the fuck over because whatever you got to deal with with that, it's gonna be better than if you don't do that and you try to restrain a woman and shit gets physical. ’Cause if she's ready to get out the car and you don't let her get out the car, she gon’ get physical with you and she got a right to. Let her out the goddamn car."

Bun also explained his thoughts on why more rappers haven't spoken out publicly about the situation. "Nobody's talking about it because it's a Black woman," he says. "Y'all can say what y'all want, that's just what it is...You let one of these actors or somebody that fuck with one of these White women in Hollywood...put your hands on Alyssa Milano and see what happens. Put you hands on Lady Gaga and see how quick they lock yo ass up. We love Megan here, we brag about Megan, everybody wanna talk about that. Nobody saying nothing when she gets shot. We got memes, we got jokes, we got all that shit. Man, fuck that. That's supposed to be on the 5:30 national news. Constantly. I'm in Houston, they ain't...I don't think they ever talked about it on local news here."

Last Thursday (Aug. 20), Megan Thee Stallion came forward and shared details of the shooting incident that took place on July 12. Prior to Tory's arrest for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, Megan said the Canadian rapper shot her in the back of her feet from the backseat of the car they were in as she was trying to walk away. She said they had been arguing and she no longer wanted to engage in the verbal exchange, so she decided to get out of the car and walk away. That's when Tory began firing shots at her.

Tory Lanez has yet to say anything about the incident, but there are a few other rappers, in addition to Bun B, who have spoken up and called him out for the shooting. Take a look at artists including T.I. and Chance The Rapper, among several others, who are showing support for Megan Thee Stallion below.

  • T.I.

  • Chance The Rapper

  • Juice of Flatbush Zombies

  • Issa Gold of Underachievers

  • Lil Reese

  • Troy Ave

  • Cardi B

  • Maxo Kream

  • Trae Da Truth

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