Mother Nature has her own spooky treat for you this October! Two full moons will be shining in the sky this month. The first full moon will appear on Thursday, October 1st. The second, a rare “blue moon”, will be shining bright in the sky on none other than Saturday, October 31st! This will be the second full moon for the month of October, which is why it is called a “blue moon”.

A full moon on Halloween is extremely rare, so get ready to bask in the eeriness! According to, the last time a full moon appeared on Halloween was in 2001, and it was only visible in Central and Pacific time zones. The last time all U.S. time zones got to experience a full moon on Halloween was all the way back in 1944, 76 years ago.

According to, NASA expert Tony Rice says that moon cycles are about 29.5 days, so any full moon that happens to fall on Halloween will be a blue moon. Experts say this Halloween's blue moon only occurs every 19 years, but sometimes it’s longer than that. There’s also the possibility that the moon cycle will end on November 1st instead of October 31st, missing the spooky blue moon by just a hair.

Even though Trick-or-Treating may be prohibited this Halloween, it may be worthwhile to sit on your porch outside and look at this rare blue moon. Especially since Farmer’s Atlantic told that the next blue moon will not be until 2039, and that’s only if the moon follows to the usual 19-year pattern. So check out the sky on Halloween night, just watch out for Werewolves.

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