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Well it's something that has become a sort of humorous ongoing conversation .... "I need a haircut". Well today finally you can get that trim here in the Garden State.

It seems many have longer hair and for the guys maybe even a beard....well today is the day we see will it stay or go? Salons and barbershops around the Jersey Shore re-open following the Conronavirus Crisis.

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Nail salons will also re-open today, for those looking to finally fix those broken and chipped nails and add some color back into their lives. According to a News 12  article today's re-opening will also bring with it new rules in the midst of COVID 19.

Here's what YOU need to know today:

  • Some area salons will use disposable towels, aprons and smocks for employees and customers. Customers may also get a temperature check when walking in and salons will implement the use of partitions to ensure people stay 6 feet apart.
  • Some salons will also use a machine to clean hairbrushes with UV light.
  • Among the other changes, appointments are required, with no walk-ins, and some hair treatments will be done outdoors. Check with your salon for their specific rules and regulations.

Personally I have grown the "COVID beard" and the jury is still out if it stays or goes, right now I'm quite happy with it.

Be patient with your salons as the re-opening process begins, it's a whole new operation for everyone and I'm sure after working out any kinks .... it'll feel like normal at the salon before you know it.


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