Since when do you have to put down a deposit to make a nail appointment? This is something I have never heard of or even experienced until today.

My parents are in town because my dad is working an event at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. My mom came along and is using the week as a mini vacation. While my dad is working, she has plans to explore Philly, site see, shop, and try new foods in Center City. Today I met her downtown to have some girl time. We were trying to book an appointment in the area to get our nails and toes done. The only place that had an appointment available didn't have one until 5 pm. I knew I would be able to make that time because I had to come to work, so my mom proceeded to book for just herself. The receptionist on the phone told her it would be a $20 deposit to secure her appointment.

Maybe this is a Philly thing. We are from Maryland and never were required to put down a deposit for a nail appointment. When we asked why the lady told us because they have a lot of no-shows. The particular nail salon is right by the convention center and around a lot of hotels. It's a very touristy area. Therefore, she said there are a lot of people that come in from out of town and make a reservation and never come back. She told my mom she could Venmo the money or pay cash.

At the end of the day, it does make sense. Just like you have to put down a deposit for a lot of hair salons, why should nail salons be any different? Especially in a major city like Philadelphia. There is tons of business to be made and a lot of money could be lost by counting on people who turn out to be no-shows.


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