Stories have surfaced about persons or businesses who have disregarded social distancing recommendations being punished for their actions by their local governments. The question of what business can be opened safely at this point amid the coronavirus spread is one hanging heavily on local shop owners.

The Philly Mag reported of their knowledge that certain barber shops, hair salons and nail spas have been operating secretly or quietly during this time. Since these types of businesses were labeled as nonessential at the beginning of fight against the virus’ spread, some have made the decision to disregard those recommendations.

As the situation pushes on, there is even a movement to have these barber shops and hair salons officially reopened throughout Pennsylvania. New legislation would allow for these locations to reopen by limited, appointment-only regulations. Face masks would still be required for employees.

State Senator Anthony Williams argued that these businesses are essential parts of their neighborhoods. According to Philly Mag, while some are for this legislation to go through sooner than later, others are pushing for later. For instance, some say that this just isn’t the right time to restart these types of business because it is near to impossible to follow social distancing recommendations.

“These hair salons, barber shops, nail salons and massage parlors — it’s impossible to practice social distancing when you are having a hands-on treatment,” Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine said. “You are with those people. If someone was asymptomatic and they were working on someone in the hair salon seeing eight [clients] a day, five or six days a week, they could expose a bunch. And those people could expose a bunch.”

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