A restaurant in on Bloomfield Avenue in Newwark is receiving a lot of heat for their "males only" sign. A few weeks ago,  NY Gyro King posted a flyer outside their eatery to let people know they were hiring. The problem was, they specifically asked for only men to apply.

Once people caught wind of the flyer, it started being shared and re-posted all over the internet. People from all over started commenting and expressing their rage over what they considered to be a sexist act.

The owner of the restaurant, Amir Ahmad, has since publicly apologized. He told NJ Advance Media that he never meant it to come across the way it did. "I respect everyone equally, I don’t do that racism or sexist thing. It was a mistake.” Ahmad stated.

Ahmad said the reason for the flyer was because one of his workers who was in charge of carrying heavy boxes of food quit suddenly. Therefore, he was looking for someone to replace him.

The sign has since been taken down


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