Whenever you go to a sporting event you will scream, yell, and try anything to catch the professional athlete's attention. Most of the time you won't even get a wave. There was one lucky baseball fan that was able to catch a Philadelphia Phillies player's attention.

In a TikTok video shared by the Philadelphia Phillies on June 1st it shows a fan that was at the Great American Ball Park ready to watch the Philadelphia Phillies take on the Cincinnati Reds. This fan was also holding a sign to catch Rhys Hoskins' attention. The TikTok video does not clearly show what the sign said but we are sure it had something to do with roshambo.

After the young fan caught Rhys Hoskins' attention they battled it out for the Phillies player's baseball bat. The young fan beat Rhys Hoskins with scissors in the Rock, Paper, Scissors battle.
You can hear Rhys Hoskins tell the fan that he can't give him the bat that he had at the moment but was still going to pay up for his bet. What we are assuming was just moments later, Rhys Hoskins comes back with a different bat and signs the bat before handing it to the fan.

Now you know how to try and catch a professional athlete's attention. You just have to have a sign saying you want to battle them at roshambo.

The caption on the TikTok video says, "Nobody quite like Rhys Hoskins" and after seeing this video we will have to say that we agree.

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