Thomas J. Lynch, an alumnus of Rider University, is a very fortunate man who was able to donate $5.5 million dollars to his alma mater. When you donate a significant amount of money, you get a building or an area of campus named after you. Thomas decided that he wanted to share the building name with his friend Joseph Adler.

The two had been friends since grade school and both attended Rider University together back in the 70's. When Thomas went up to speak and to unveil the building where his name would be, he called his friend Joe up and did something no one saw coming. As the unveiling happens, all see that instead of the building being named Thomas J. Lynch Hall, it is named Lynch Adler Hall. This was a huge surprise to everyone and an emotional moment for Joe.

This story is too sweet not to share! Not only did my alma mater receive a huge donation from an alumnus, but it also has a beautiful story of friendship and appreciation behind it.

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