Are colleges going to require their students get the COVID-19 vaccination? So far in New Jersey Rutgers, Fairleigh Dickinson, Princeton, Stevens Institute of Technology and Montclair State University are requiring students to show proof of vaccination before taking classes in the fall. Today, Rider University joined the list by announcing that all Rider students must show proof of vaccination before returning to campus.

So, what does this mean? According to Patch, if you are enrolled and plan to be on Rider’s campus in the fall then you are required to get the vaccine. Many people may be wondering if there are any exceptions to this new rule? The University said that, “valid religious and documented medical exemptions will be considered." They also stated that if you are in an online degree program and do not plan to go onto their campus that you do not have to get the vaccine.

According to Patch, Rider students are required to send in proof of their shot no later than August 1. If a student plans to arrive early, then the proof must be submitted two weeks before returning to the campus.

Rider’s President Gregory G. Dell’Omo spoke about the decision in a statement. "Requiring student immunization will help us achieve our first priority, which is protecting the health and safety of our campus community," he said.

If vaccinations are what it takes to get colleges back to in-person classes then I would think all the schools would require them. I feel like most college students will do whatever it takes to get back to some type of normal college experience.


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