Rider University is set to make changes to their food menu on campus following complaints of not accommodating students with food allergies.

After a student complaint that the NJ university didn't serve meals that catered to food allergies the school has agreed to make changes to their menu after the feds stepped in.

According to nj.com,  "The complaint went to the U.S. Justice Department, which found Rider’s food polices violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA. The student had celiac disease, which is triggered by eating gluten, which is found in cereal grains and wheat."

Which basically means Rider failed to meet the policies that provide reasonable modifications to the food and they had no idea they were violating the ADA.


"U.S Attorney for New Jersey Craig Carpenito said the university cooperated with federal officials during the investigation, and in implementing changes. “This agreement will improve the experience of students with food allergy-related disabilities and help them to focus on getting an education.” said Carpenito" via nj.com.

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