With the constant desire for a healthier lifestyle, Rider University is choosing to be a part of the lifestyle by helping students with a few new programs. Patch.com reported that Rider University decided to expand their offered programs by adding two more within the health and wellness field. The new programs are going to be dance and exercise science.

These new programs will be added as an opportunity for those looking to understand the science behind the health and wellness of the human body. According to Patch.com, these 120 credit programs will teach students how to best understand human performance, how to reduce injuries and promote better overall health for people of all ages.

Patch.com reported that the dance science program will actually be the only one on the East Coast, but it is expected to pop up more and increase by 7% over the next six years. Dance can sometimes be underrated. Many people may not be aware that it fits into multiple health fields and it is used as psychological and physical therapy to reduce anxiety. After the dance course gets completed,  it could take you down the path to take on the careers of physical therapy, rehabilitation or even medicine according to Patch.com. Exercise science degrees are also high in demand, with an expected increase of 13% within the next ten years.

Yeah, the degrees are entry-level, but with both fields prospected to grow the way they are, there will be plenty of jobs popping up in the future. Also, who knows where a simple bachelor's degree in either of these programs could take you. There are so many options. So if you’re undecided on a major but love a healthy lifestyle, maybe this is for you?

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