One of the most used buildings on  Rider University's campus just got a face lift! The Bart Luedeke Center, also known as the BLC, has just opened it's doors after a renovation that started in the beginning of the summer.

The renovation started with some stair repair (which they completely removed) and now there's a new main entrance.and turned into more aesthetic changes to make the building more appealing for all. In the old building, you walked up the stairs and the information desk was there in the center of the big open space. They have now moved the information desk down, (because again, there's no more stairs) and it's immediately as you walk in on the first floor. There are new glass walls and bright lighting has been added as well to give off a more welcoming and vibrant feeling when you walk into the BLC.

As a Rider University Alum, of course it's always sad to see the original buildings on campus change, but I think the BLC definitely needed some changes. Being that the University was started in 1865, most of the buildings that are on campus are the original brick buildings. The brick buildings are beautiful and add to Rider's charm, but there's no harm in a little upgrade!

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