you were on the fence about going or returning to Rider University, this might help sway your decision one way or the other. Last week the school announced they are cutting the tuition price by 22 percent. Plus, just about every single one of their students will enroll in internships or field training related to their major. This is a big deal. This means starting in the fall of 2021, Rider’s undergraduate tuition will drop from $45,120 to $35,000 according to

The goal of this price cut is to hopefully attract more New Jersey residents to stay in state and attend school.  Apparently a lot of New Jerseyans have been leaving the state for  schools that cost less than Rider. According to, they are calling this project “Lifting Barriers.”

“Because a college education remains one of the most important investments individuals can make in their lifetimes, our goal is to help lift any barrier that prevents a student from thriving at Rider University, including those who assume a private education is out of reach based solely on the sticker price,” said Rider President Gregory G. Dell’Omo in a recent statement.

Scholarships and financial aid distribution will remain the same. Just now the base will start at a lower point.

“This strategy reduces the trajectory of Rider’s high tuition, high discount pricing model, which was ballooning to unrealistic levels, but it does not change our commitment to generously awarding financial aid and scholarships,” Vice President of Enrollment Management Drew Aromando said.


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