Traffic in Princeton may be getting more congested due to 2 bridge projects.

According to, the D&R Canal Bridge on Alexander Road and Stony Brook bridge, south of Lawrence Drive, will be getting some necessary reconstruction. also mentioned that Alexander Road will be completely closed from Lawrence Drive to Canal Pointe Boulevard from November 6th to April 20th of 2020 for the work to be done.

Princeton Mayor, Liz Lempert, told, “This is a really vital project to happen." She also shared, "These two bridges are in desperate need of getting replaced.”

Princeton Police Chief, Nicholas Sutter, mentioned to that deviation will be from Faculty Road and Washington Road to Route 1. However, these detours will probably cause more traffic to get backed up. says that police are encouraging people to use other forms of travel, such as public transportation. They also suggest using travel apps to find alternative ways to reach your destination as well as the estimated time you will arrive.

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