You may be seeing lots of food trucks in the Foxmoor Shopping Center parking lot soon, where business has been lagging a little lately.

I was reading about the proposal on TapInto's website, and I think it's a great idea. The Foxmoor Redevelopment Subcommittee said they would love to see food trucks from all over the state come and serve area residents and workers. It would be like a regular Food Truck Festival.

They came up with the idea while planning their People for Animals Food Truck  Festival, saying it's a positive new trend, that people are enjoying. The already existing restaurants in the shopping center are in on the plan, saying they love the idea of creating more foot traffic to the center. I'm sure they would make a plan as to not have a certain food truck competing with the restaurants.

The township said this plan would allow them to regulate the trucks instead of them just showing up and parking without a traffic and parking plan.

Hey Robbinsville, a couple of my suggestions for food trucks would be the Empanada Guy and The Flying Pie Guy. Yum. Keep me posted. Lol.

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