TapInto reports, the new Wawa that is being built on Route 130 South in Robbinsville should be finished by fall of 2021 The new Wawa is being built right now at the intersection of Route 130 and Meadowbrook Road. If you've driven by and seen the process, you can see they have been working very quickly.

Where the new big Wawa with a gas station attached is where a National Pools & Spas used to be. That has now moved further down 130 and moved over to the Northbound side.

I take Route 130 almost everywhere and my husband and I have been watching the Wawa be built. We watched as National Pools & Spas moved their location to a little further down Route 130, then we watched the building get demolished.

We awaited a few months before we saw any construction begin and once it started, we had no idea what was going there. It wasn't until a few months later that the Wawa sign went up and we knew we were not just getting a Wawa there, but a Wawa with a gas station.

I for one am super excited because there is only really one Wawa near my house and that one is on Hickory Corner Road and it's not super convenient. It's a smaller Wawa and the parking lot is a mess. I've almost gotten into a million accidents pulling in and out of that parking lot.

I have actually heard rumors that the Wawa on Hickory Corner Road is going to close with this new Wawa in Robbinsville going up, but haven't heard any confirmations yet.

This will also be a fantastic location for a gas station and Wawa combination because there aren't that many on the southbound side as you're heading to 195. I know when we are going down the shore to my Dad's and we are about to jump on 195, I am always somehow a little low on gas and there's not many places to stop. Now we will have a place and we can even get snacks too.

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