Alexa, play Justin Bieber "Baby"

" pea...babydoll..." Are you blushing yet?

No matter what pet names you call your significant other, the hidden meaning remains the same: They're yours and you're theirs.

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However, they differ in popularity quite a bit depending on where we live! For instance, you might be more likely to hear "Sugar Pie" in Texas than you would in New York, where "Babe" might be the more common pet name. There are hundreds of pet names out there, but which are the post popular?

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If you're curious to know which pet names are the most common in each state, WordFinder did the math and narrowed down the most popular "pet" names in each state.

Babe was the most popular in 12 states. Other popular pet names included Sweet Pea, Precious, Papi Chulo, Buttercup, Babydoll, even Shorty and Big Daddy!

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So what's the most common pet name in New Jersey? I absolutely love it.


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Aww!! Are you kidding me?? *Swoon* That has got to be one of the most loving, respectful pet names out there!

I've lived in New Jersey for most of my life, and none of my boyfriends ever called me "gorgeous" as my primary pet name. Well now I'm raising my standards!

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What does your sweetheart call you? Or what do you call them? Or maybe the two of you have made-up pet names for eachother that are unique to you! Those are the best, if you ask me. Let us know in the comments... babe!

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