So many college students are always saying "I'm so broke" or "I need to find a job because I don't have money.” We know, college life can be rough financially.  But, has it ever crossed your mind to have a side hustle to get money? Like maybe a SUGAR DADDY?

Maybe it has crossed your mind, maybe it hasn't. reported that in the U.S there are over 3 million sugar babies. Wow.

Just so you know a New Jersey college did make the list with a whopping 933 sugar babies. Want to take a wild guess which school it is? ... If you guessed Rutgers University, you are correct.

It was reported by that Rutgers University takes the 27th spot on the list.

Seeking Arrangement told, "Meeting the right Sugar Daddy offers collegiate Sugar Babies access to expanded networking opportunities, mentorship, and financial benefits."

If you think about it, it can be a great network. It was also mentioned by the CEO of Seeking Arrangement that a lot of the sugar daddies are actually politicians.

Over 8.7 million female sugar babies are registered on Seeking Arrangement and over 3.2 million are males, according to

Can't knock on anyone's hustle, yah know?

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