The new "What's My Name" Movement asks everyone taking an Uber or Lyft to ask the driver, before getting into the car, "What's my name?" and remember hers, Samantha Josephson. It could save your life. The driver should always know your name.

Samantha Josephson from Robbinsville, NJ was the 21-year old University of South Carolina senior murdered last week after mistakenly getting into a car she thought was her Uber.

Her parents, Marci and Seymour Josephson, have vowed change to the ride services to protect others and save families the awful heartache they're feeling. The "What's My Name" Movement will help ensure you get into the correct car.

At the vigil held in Samantha's memory at the University of South Carolina, Samantha's father also urged everyone to travel together, not alone, telling the crowd that his daughter "never had a chance, but, if she was with someone, she would have had a chance."

Samantha's funeral is being held tomorrow (Wednesday, April 3rd) in Princeton Junction, NJ.


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