Santa saved helped to save a South Jersey family from a fire this weekend in one South Jersey town.

It all took place in Pilesgrove, Salem County. Santa was making the rounds on a fire truck across the neighborhood on Friday evening when the Big Guy and his crew discovered that a fire was burning in a home.

They say that they saw smoke emerging from the upper portion of a three-story home on Auburn Road. They say the family was not aware of the blaze.

"(The crew) immediately went into service evacuating the occupants who were unaware of the fire and with the assistance of our mutual aid partners Deepwater Fire Department Pedricktown Fire Company - Station 3 - LVFC Woolwich Fire Company Harmony Volunteer Fire Company Auburn Volunteer Fire Company-Station 2 and Daretown Fire Company Station 16," the Reliance Fire Company said in a Facebook post shared Saturday night.

The great news is that the crew was able to minimize the damage to the home as the fire was contained to the walls and floors of the home, they said. Nobody was injured in the incident either.

The images (shown below) are incredible to see Santa on the scene of the fire:

The fire did, however, delay Santa's tour through the town. It resumed last night (Sunday evening), according to follow-up posts from the fire company.

Santa's journey through town did, however, appear to be delayed again last night when the crew had to respond to another emergency call in town.

However, we hear that Santa managed to complete his visit throughout the town to all the homes of Pilesgrove, NJ shortly after.

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