It is now 2020, and believe it or not, some of us are still falling for crazy scam calls. recently reported that a Princeton resident was scammed for $18,000.

That's a huge chunk of money.

Princeton Police told that the Princeton resident was scammed at the beginning of this month, sometime around January 9th and 10th. The man sent the scammers gift cards from large retailers as well as Bitcoin.

According to, the scammers made the Princeton resident believe that they were part of the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Administration isn't the only way people are getting scammed. An employee here at 94.5 PST actually received a call from "Apple," yes the creators of the iPhone. They told the individual that their Apple iCloud account had been hacked. The call was a complete scam.

The individual that called pretending to be from Apple wanted the PST employee to download a third-party software to be able to hack into their computer and gain access to all of their information.

Be careful with all of this stuff because scammers are figuring out different ways to get our hard-earned money.

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