As we head into the busy summer months at the Jersey shores, you should be aware that one favorite activity is now banned in this Jersey Shore town.

The town of Sea Girt, New Jersey has passed a new ordinance in effect this summer that strictly prohibits digging large holes in the sand. So if you bring your shovel, also be sure to bring some measuring tape!

Photo by Khürt Williams on Unsplash
Photo by Khürt Williams on Unsplash
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According to the ordinance:

  • No person shall dig holes in the sand deeper than knees of the smallest participant, not to exceed 12” deep.
  • Persons that dig a hole shall not leave the hole unattended. Persons shall fill the hole before leaving the area of the hole.
  • “Burying” persons below grade or in standing position is prohibited.

Why is Sea Girt banning large hole-digging?

Photo by Joshua Gaunt on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Gaunt on Unsplash

The cause for this new rule stems from the terrifying incident that occurred on the Sea Girt beach in February, when a 2 year old boy had to be frantically pulled from the sand after a large hole caved in on him. Thankfully he survived after resuscitation.

A more devastating accident occurred in Fort Lauderdale, Florida earlier this year when a 7-year-old girl tragically died from her injuries after she was buried alive when a 6-foot deep hole collapsed on her.

Sea Girt isn't the only New Jersey town to do this. There are also similar "hole rules" in Seaside Heights and Belmar, according to

Sorry kids (and adult kids)! There won't be any digging to China here!

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