It's Secret Santa SZN. And if you're anything like me you're balling on a budget this year. But you can't show up to a Secret Santa party empty handed. No one wants to be THAT guy.

So here are some gift ideas that won't empty your pockets, but are still pretty decent.

For Guys:

1.  A gift card to Gamestop. You can't go wrong with guys and their video games.

2. Socks!! Nike socks are always a good idea.

3. A portable charger! Since guys always want ti claim their phone died....problem solved! Am I right ladies?

4. A hoodie. Guys love their hoodies, and we love their hoodies too!

5. Axe. Or if you're dating a grown man, some cologne.


For Ladies:

1. A spa package. Just pick up some cheap face mask from Walmart, throw  in some sweet-smelling lotions and you're good to go. You can even go to Bath & Body Works

2. Makeup. I'm not talking Kylie Jenner's 200 dollar lip kits either. I mean just a bunch of small essentials from Walmart will go a long way. Get the basics like eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

3. A Chipotle gift card. You know how us women are with our Chipotle. This is a perfect gift.

4. A book!! You can never go wrong with a good book.

5. Weave! I'm so serious. It seems like every girl wears hair extensions nowadays. So you can get some cheap weave from the beauty supply store and you're good to go.

Good luck!

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