If you're a Taylor Swift fan this is sure to make your day. Sheila Watko, traffic reporter for NBC Philadelphia deserves an Oscar for the way she was able to mix her love for T-Swift with her professional life.

The other day during a traffic report segment, Watko was able to incorporate 12 Taylor Swift song titles into a one minute traffic report. Did I mention this was live on TV for millions of people to see?

In a post on Twitter Watko stated, "How many #TaylorSwift Easter eggs can I fit in one traffic report? My humble thank-you to Taylor Alison Swift for getting us through 2020. #evermore"

Incredible right? Watko was able to rattle off titles like "Swift", "Ready for it", "Clean", "Delicate", "Safe and Sound", "Out of the Woods", "All Too Well" and more. She even stated in her report that Taylor's album "RED" was her best album of all time. However, she later corrected herself on Twitter stating that the album "Speak Now" is actually her all time favorite.

Watko's video has gone viral gaining over 3 thousand likes and over 35 thousand views.  Fellow reporters from all over the country have praised her giving their stamp of approval for the iconic segment.

Can she incorporate Taylor Swift into more of her reports. Let's face it, anything that involves Taylor is amazing.


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