The show that made Will Smith a household name, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, just got the reboot treatment and updated in a new trailer called Bel-Air.

The 90s sitcom got reimagined as a drama that takes place in 2019, but the best part is it's still set in West Philadelphia. CNet reported that a company called Sun Squared Media created this trailer, but there is no official movie release or new TV show reboot in the works. It's just a short movie/trailer of what the new take on the show would be like if it was released or rebooted today.

Director Cinematographer, Morgan Cooper, tweeted, that he was a big fan of the original television show, but he always thought there was more to Will's story. So he created and developed what he envisioned himself.

Morgan did an amazing job because when I first saw the trailer I really did believe a new reworked show was being teased. I also loved that the director kept throwing in Philadelphia throughout the trailer and the characters can be seen wearing shirts that reference Philly rapper, Meek Mill.

Old television shows have come back thanks to nostalgia for the 90s. It's happened before with the following shows: Full House got a continuation with Fuller HouseSabrina The Teenage Witch got a darker reboot known as the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and That's So Raven came back on Disney Channel with Raven's Home. 

I did see that last year TMZ reported that either a cartoon version of the show may be in the works, or a new reboot altogether. According to TMZ, the company that owned the rights to the "Fresh Prince" wanted to trademark "Fresh Princess." Which would be similar to how Boy Meets World came back with Girl Meets World.

Check out the trailer below and read more about it here

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