American Dream Mall in East Rutherford is known for bringing some of the hottest celebrities to our area and another household name was just spotted there.

If you’re into rap at all, I know you know who this is. Sources are saying that rapper Meek Mill, best known for his song Dreams and Nightmares, was spotted at American Dream hitting the slopes.

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If you’ve never been there before, this New Jersey mall is huge and is home to Big Snow American Dream which is the first indoor, real snow ski and snowboard slope. Of course, the big attractions like that and the Dreamworks Waterpark and Nickelodeon Theme Park bring in not only regular tourists but famous ones also!

He was posting pictures on Instagram about his time there with his kids and some of their friends. Meek Mill is a Philly native, so seeing him around the PA/NJ area isn’t too shocking because he for sure spends his fair share around these parts, but it’s still so cool when you catch a glimpse!


Sources are saying he took his kids and their friends to the open ski time at Big Snow American Dream and were just hitting the slopes like everyone else I always love when celebrities do normal things with the public, it shows character to me. Sources are saying they spent about 2 hours there and he was, of course, interacting with his fans.

American Dream Mall in East Rutherford always draws in quite the celebrity crowd. So far we’ve heard of Meek Mill, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B, but who will be next?

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