Your next ride of SEPTA could be drastically different than it's ever been. The area's largest transportation agency just announced that they'll begin accepting contactless payment technology really soon.

SEPTA Is Launching Tap and Go Payments in September 2023

Yes, SEPTA just told us that they're ready to accept contactless payments across bus, trolley, and subway lines in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs.


So this means you won't need your SEPTA keycard anymore. No more scrambling (like I always was) to reload money on your card at the last moment.

Now you can just tap and go!

How Will SEPTA Accept Tap and Go Payments?

You "will be able to simply tap any credit/debit card, in physical form or through apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay, at a turnstile, or as (you) board a bus or trolley," SEPTA said today.

It will cost the same as SEPTA's Travel Wallet with two free transfers when using the same card.


The transition to the SEPTA Key Card was an expensive one that they're essentially ditching for this more modern technology.

SEPTA Is A Little Behind Other Transit Agencies

A similar program has been available via New York City's MTA on their robust subway system for several years.

The service will be available on all city and suburban buses, trolleys, The Market-Frankford Line, the Broad Street Line, and the Norristown High-Speed Line.

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“By giving our riders the option to pay their fares with what they already have in their pockets, we are making our system easier to use. This will be critical as we continue with efforts to rebuild ridership," SEPTA CEO and General Manager Leslie S. Richards said this week.

By the way, SEPTA's Tap and Go payment system is not available on Regional Rail lines... yet. They expect that that technology to roll out "in early 2024."

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