Shake Shack will be opening Jersey's first-ever drive-thru location soon. This is incredible news, right!

Have you ever gone to the Shake Shack on Route 1? That Shake Shack is always crowded. Wouldn't it be nice if that location had a drive-thru so you wouldn’t have to get out of the car?

According to TapInto, Hasbrouck Heights has been approved to move forward and replace the old Mt. Fuji into a Shake Shack.

Here is the thing though, the Shake Shack in Hasbrouck Heights, Bergen County will have a drive-thru. That is not fair.

They have over more than 255 locations nationwide. But Shake Shack JUST started opening drive-thrus this year. The first location was opened in Minnesota.

How come they get a drive-thru and we did not in Mercer County?

Have you seen the location of the Shake Shack on Route 1? It’s already hard to get to so that’s probably why it doesn’t have a drive-thru.

The other Shake Shack locations that are close to Mercer County include Bridgewater, which is about an hour away, Marlton, or Cherry Hill. Guess what? Neither of those locations have a drive-thru.

It was stated on Tap Into that the new Hasbrouck Heights did not have it easy trying to get that drive-thru. Many residents of the Hasbrouck Heights area that were part of the Hasbrouck Heights Planning Board meeting had tons of questions in regards to safety, traffic, and the restaurant noise that possibly could affect any of the residents in the area. Tap Into shared that residents are asking the Hasbrouck Heights Planning Board to make sure everything is also safe during the construction of the new restaurant.

There is still no exact date on when the Shake Shack with the drive-thru will be doing it's grand opening but on Tap Into it is stated that it can take about "six months to prepare the property and build the restaurant."

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