Multiple media outlets including Good Morning America are reporting that Shake Shack will be releasing a super spicy new menu on July 1st.

The new menu items are a Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, Hot Honey Bites, and Hot Honey Fries. Are you getting the theme here? The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich has a habanero mayo sauce, and the Hot Honey Fries and Hot Honey Chicken Bites have a Hot Honey seasoning on top. If you want some extra spice, both the fries and chicken bites come with the habanero mayo sauce for dipping.

Also new to the summer menu are some fun and refreshing mocktails and new shakes. The mocktail flavors are Lime Agave Margarita, Piña Punch and Watermelon Mint Mojito all without alcohol. The new shakes are the Cherry Pop Shake and the Triple Chocolate Chip Shake. You can read all the ingredients for the shakes and mocktails here.

The menu will be available starting July 1st for dine in, pickup and delivery orders until October 4th.

My husband and I just went to Shake Shack last Monday. My husband didn't get a Father's Day dinner with just our little family, and I asked him to pick a place. he picked Shake Shack since we've never been to one and we went to the one on Route One in Lawrenceville.

Everything was delicious. He got a burger, I got a chicken sandwich and our little guy Nathan got a grilled cheese. We got fries on the side and of course, milkshakes to go. The restaurant was clean and the workers were very friendly and speedy.

We will definitely visit again soon and since my hubby loves anything and everything that is spicy, I know he is going to be all over this new menu. I am specifically excited about the mocktails, because I am hoping to get pregnant at the end of the summer, so I bet they will be refreshing and fun.

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