This would be cool. Basketball Hall of Famer and superstar, Shaquille O'Neal may be bringing his chicken restaurant to Mercer County, according to Daily Voice.

It's called Big Chicken. Have you heard of it?

Take a look at the size of the sandwich below. I guess everything in Shaq's world is BIG. Haha. The restaurant's motto is Big Flavor, Big Food, Big Fun.

O'Neal is set to open six locations in New Jersey and restaurant spokesperson says Mercer County is being looked at for one of the restaurants. That's exciting. I'm sure a "new to the area" restaurant would be welcomed.

Hmm...where would be a good spot for it in Mercer County?

The first of the six will be opening in Middlesex Borough. Other New Jersey areas being looked at are Livingston, Somerset County and South Jersey, the article says.

The Big Chicken menu features "mains, sides and sweets." You can check it out by clicking here. It looks good. By the way, Big Chicken is open 7 days a week, while the other chicken place is closed on Sundays.

If you're wondering why Shaq wanted to bring his chain restaurant to New Jersey, well he's from New Jersey.

Check out the Big Chicken website here. I'll keep you posted when the NJ locations open.

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