UPDATE (5:15 pm Thursday, August 17): 

All credit card systems are working again at one of the area’s largest grocery store chains, ShopRite.

Earlier today we told you that there were issues with the credit card systems at some ShopRite stores in New Jersey. We found out that some stores were having issues processing credit card transactions around 1:00 pm on Thursday.

A ShopRite spokesperson confirmed that there was an intermittent problem at some stores, but says it was “quickly resolved.” During the issues, ShopRite says that they relied on backup devices to process credit card payments.

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The exact nature of the outage was not immediately clear. But earlier in the day we called stores in Lawrenceville, NJ; Hamilton, NJ; and Bordentown, NJ, who said that they were affected by the issues.


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This is a relief for customers tonight across Southern and Central Jersey, of course, who may be going to a ShopRite store.

ShopRite operates stores in six states:
 Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

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