The most popular place to get ice cream in Bordentown has announced it's opening date for the 2024 season.

When is Bordentown Creamery opening for 2024 season?

Bordentown Creamery posted on social media that they'd be scooping again starting on Thursday, March 7th.

The windows to deliciousness will open at 12pm. Ha ha.

The Instagram post read, "MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! OPENING DAY OFFICIALLY SET. THURSDAY, MARCH 7th 12pm! Hope to see you all here!"

Judging by the comments, loyal customers have been waiting for the reopening.

One commenter said, "The best news in awhile." Others joyfully posted, "Yeeesss" and tagged loved ones making sure they knew the news also.

If you've never been to Bordentown Creamery, make sure you put it on your 2024 sweet treat bucket list (doesn't everyone have one of these?!).

It's not just your ordinary ice cream shop.

Bordentown Creamery's ice cream is made from scratch

First of all, everything is made from scratch. You can tell the handmade difference.

The most amazing creations come out of those windows.

Check out these ice cream nachos....omg.

Bordentown Creamery is also known for its unique ice cream flavors...check this out.

Their ice cream flights are an awesome way to try all of the creative flavors.

Make sure to stop by during any of the fun theme weeks at Bordentown Creamery.

Here's one from last summer...the Shark Week ice cream series.

It's just a fun place with lots of great photo ops that would look great on your Instagram alongside your ice cream me, you won't be able to resist.

Check out these oversized, colorful beach chairs.

Bordentown Creamery is hiring for the 2024 season

If you're looking for a job, Bordentown Creamery is hiring. You must be 16-years-old or over, be available for the entire season (March - November), and have an upbeat personality to match the vibe of the cool place.

You can find an application by clicking here.

Can't wait until you open. See you soon!

Bordentown Creamery is located at 680 Route 206 in Bordentown, NJ.

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